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Terry Moore's STRANGERS IN PARADISE: The official site for one of the best comic-books, period! Go there!
How can cuteness and evilness co-exist? Click and find out!
Don Simpson's Fiascoverse: some of the best on-line insanity on the web!

A terrific sci-fi/funny-animal strip! So go there, already!
One of the best on-line manga on the net! Really!

Ken's Catgirl Paradise: Snowball's favorite website!

  • THE CUTE ZONE: A dimension not only of sight and sound but of...cute! One of the best anime-related sites on the net specializes in nothing but the most adorable characters in Japanese animation...and yes, most of them are girls! If you enjoy CUCKOO SORORITY HOUSE, chances are you'll get a kick out of this way-cool site. Awwwww, kawaii.....

  • RIBMAN: THE MAN OF MEAT! The newest...and certainly, the most unique...superhero on the web. A saucier kind of action and hilarity you won't find anywhere else, it'll have you coming back for seconds. Enjoy, and remember--grill long and prosper!

  • TURNING POINT STUDIOS: William Messner-Loebs' homepage. Bill Loebs (or "Wild Bill," or "The Old Scout") is the creator of the books JOURNEY and BLISS ALLEY; he's also written stories for THE FLASH, JONNY QUEST, and collaborated with Sam Kieth on THE MAXX (if that's not an eclectic list of credits, I don't know what is!). While visiting this site, I strongly recommend his colums on convention etiquitte, as well as the feature written by his cat Molly...

  • MATT FEAZELL'S HOME PAGE: Enter the homepage of the creator of CYNICALMAN and ANTISOCIALMAN--minimalist cartooning taken to it's goofiest outer limits. I first became aware of Matt's unique style of comics storytelling in the pages of Scott McCloud's ZOT!, through his "Zot in Dimension 10 1/2" back-up stories, and there's something to be said for a cartoonist who can tell a 28-page story in only seven actual pages (I'm sure you'll agree)! Matt is also one of the pioneers of the mini-comics form of publishing, so we are talking about an important artist here--and the only artist I know who can make truly hilarious characters out of stick-figures...

  • BAD-IDEA-GUY'S LAIR: No, this is NOT about the guy who introduced New Coke to the world (though you gotta admit, that WAS a pretty bad idea). Actually, Bad-Idea-Guy is the alter-ego of my bud Justin Brammer, and he's been working on a site dedicated to him. Mind you, the site's still being worked on here and there, but drop by anyway and watch the process at hand--it's fun!
  • THE KAMIKAZE SQUAD HOME PAGE: SEE the world's worst superhero team stumble into action in their Yugo! SEE the world's first Wiffleball-headed superhero pound the pavement for work! SEE a man made completely out of hair beat the holy tar out of evildoers! And most of all, SEE what someone with a really goofed-out sense of the absurd can do to the superhero genre--namely, kick it where it needs it most!

  • MARK CRILLEY'S AKIKO WEBSITE: AKIKO is a little girl who has the biggest, wildest adventures on the planet Smoo. It's also one of my very favorite comicbooks on the stands now, and this site is by the creator of that book, which makes it that much more special. If, like me, you're a fan of Akiko and her pals, here's a great place for you to hang out and have fun; if you've never seen or heard of this book, it's a great place to discover something really wonderful for yourself...

  • PCBN/JAZMA COMIC BOOK NEWSLETTER: one of the best comics newsletters; it covers both professional creators and us hardworkin' amateurs. Lots of fan art and TONS of links!

  • SUPERMEGATOPIA.COM: The one and only home of Weasel Boy! Tell 'em WIDGETWORLD sentcha! Really! Please! With sugar on top!

  • "THE WHAT MANIFESTO??" Way-cool prose fiction and fantasy by my ever-wonderful fiancee, Kathy Pulver (funk-queen of the galaxy). Come for the fiction, stay for the info links (especially if you dabble in writing fantasy!). While you're there, scope out the just-plain ADORABLE photo of Kathy and our cat Agnes! Aaawwwwwwwww...

    AGNES NUTTER'S HOUSE OF MEEPAgnes's home on the Web; learn of her wisdom here.

  • ASTROBRAINPRESS: Cool comics and graphics for cool people from the pen of Andre Szymanowicz. Check it out!

  • JOE THE CIRCLETotally whacked-out science-fiction type adventures featuring a psychotic, Non-stop belly laffs...and check out the Magic 9-Ball ...if you dare!

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