Puma vs. Shatner!
...In an all-out steel-cage fight to the ever-lovin' finish!

PUMA: Sheds hair to stay cool during those hot summer months.

SHATNER: Wears a toupee.

PUMA: Hosts a website dedicated to really crappy movies.

SHATNER: Directed Star Trek V...'nuff said.

SHATNER: Told a group of Trekkies to "get a life!" on a Saturday Night Live sketch.

PUMA: Has NINE lives...she's a CAT, dammit!

SHATNER: Did an album of songs in his own, uh...unique style.

PUMA: Still has her dignity.

SHATNER: Typical dialogue--"I! AM! Responiblefor! The! LIVES! Of...fourhundredandthirtycrewmen!!"

PUMA: Typical dialogue--"Meow."

SHATNER: Has a clause in his contract that has him do the nasty with any babe he comes across.

PUMA: Has claws in her feet that have her do nasty things to any putz she comes across.

PUMA: Has a tail.

SHATNER: Chases tail.

SHATNER: Also starred on "Barbary Coast", "T.J. Hooker", and "Rescue 911."

PUMA: Still has her dignity.

"OWWW!!! Damn cat tore my 'nads off!"

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