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"REDNECK GOURMETS FROM OUTER SPACE!" In which Flash Philbert (Earth's Mightiest 7-Year-Old) and his boon companion Larry Derfberger go toe-to-toe with the aforementioned gourmets from the stars. You'd be surprized (as are Flash & Larry) what people will eat these days...burp!

"WHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATION" Introducing Flash Philbert, Earth's Mightiest 7-Year-Old! Thrill and chill to his tale of his trip to Pittsburgh, where he encounters the hellish legions of--well, you'll have to find out now, won't you?

"WHAT IS ANIME?" Are you one of those poor souls unfamiliar with Japanese animation? Curious as to what otakudom is all about? Transistor Girl explains it all!

"DOWNTOWN GIRLS: AT THE COFFEEHOUSE ONE AFTERNOON" Featuring Anna Panama and Rosie Rasputin, who discuss things like the cheapness of espresso and the dreaming of dreams. One of my personal favorites, story-wise...

"PICTURE SHOW" Another "Downtown Girls" story, in which Rosie, Anna, and their pal Carrie go on a mad dash for...a movie! Can ya stand th' suspense? We didn't think so...

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